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Öxxö Xööx's "Nämïdäë" debuts in mid 2015 (PRE-ORDER: March 18th, 2015 RELEASE: May 26th, 2015) through Blood Music (Finland/USA).

Will be made available via deluxe vinyl, CD, and digitally through Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and every other service imaginable.

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In a world where the mind's blooming seemed unreachable, this project, above all, was a means to find a reason to live according to one's inner truth.
We have invented our own language coming from intuition, then we codified it and gave it rules.
This language is translated by spontaneous emotions which generate sounds; the voice, as an instrument, takes on a true importance and all the emotion is released, at first, through the choice of sounds.
This language thus allows a totally unique vision of expression.
The sounds are also developed in order to give them a meaning, and hence is a personal lexicon is created.
These words can come out of sheer intuition or have a link with existing languages.
The concept of the word Öxxö Xööx has several origins. It mixes the symbols of the yin and yang, the ouroboros and the hexadecimal system (0110 = x6 1001 = x9), the « X »s standing for the « 1 »s, which puts yet a bigger stress on the opposition with the « O ».
Each vowel has a « ¨ » sign, to render a specific accent to our language (for lack of a whole alphabet with new symbols). It is also the symbol of the duality of this universe.
Öxxö Xööx thus means the number 69, symbolising above all the desire to transform the 6 into a 9 to free the immaterial from the empire of the materialistic within everything of this universe. To diffuse light wherever there is darkness.
It represents, the opposite forces of the world, the eternal « recurrence » (atomic recycling, forced reincarnation) and expresses a position facing the entropic paradigm of the tangible universe. To break free from all forms of limitation and alienation.
As a reflection of a world that suffers and dies a little more each and every day, Öxxö Xööx's music is dark and sad. At the same time, it is full of hope.
Because everything goes back to light and love, inevitably.
For us there is no movement without a goal, and the goal is simply light, perfection, and absolute love.
This project is like a battle, a rage which aims to free the imprisoned life, everywhere, inside and outside of the embodied being.
It is spiritual music that helps to elevate the soul to the divine (the original light), in a unique way, wild, free, and brilliant. Without prescribing to a religious practice.
The musical instruments that are used are both ancient and futuristic. It is avant-garde and experimental doom metal, with grand organs, harpsichords, string ensembles and opera, with metal and electronic music lead by the voices of Öxxö Xööx (Laurent Lunoir), Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec), and the drums of Isarnos (Thomas Jacquelin).
On stage, we are made up, in costume, dressed and surrounded by sculptures with bright, blue stones.
We try to dramatize our inner truths, and our true personalities, through a tribal and telluric visual that's come from our imagination, another reality where there is no limit.
To try to recreate the link between the earth (trapped and hacked) and true reality, to break all the walls in front of us, which encloses and limits us. For that our mind reactivate all the functions of all our bodies (physical, etheric, astral etc) and frees itself. For find again the infinite.
Art is magic and music is therapy for us and above all, a cure.
We created our own method of liberation, the depth of mind and beauty can make the heart beat, the intimate revolt against evil in humans is proof of one's membership in goodness.
All of this has one purpose: to make our seed grow, to see it turn into a tree which roots will grow into the earth, who’s branches will rise high above into the heavens and the infinite universe, pure and perfect.
There was a time when we rebeled against light, it is about time we rebel against the darkness.
We love you, eternally.
Öxxö Xööx.

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Ä : with/ unite/ and/ by
ÄBŸM : damage
ÄË : and/ the/ several/ to/ those
ÄÏ : painful/ sorrow/ thorn
ÄGÖRTH : agony of the earth
ÄGRÄ : agriculture
ÄLMÖ : almost
ÄMÄ : around/ border/ fusion/ heap/ love
ÄNÏ : advance/ circulate/ pass
ÄNÏMÄL : animal
ÄPÄRTÄË : belong/ their
ÄRNÏ : comfortable
ÄRTÏ : stupidity
ÄRSÄ : pleasant
ÄRVÏ : elastic
ÄT : wait
ÄÜÄ : fusion with nature
ÄYÄ : roar/ scream/ sob

BÄ : move/ wrestle
BÄBÏLÜN : babylon
BÄC : back
BÄRBÄRÏÜN : barbary
BÄYË : kill
BÏ : bubble
BÏCË : wind
BRÜ : mist

CÄNDÖLËÏ : conduct/ lead
CÖ : link/ child/ enchain/ hang/ grab
CÖNDÜSÜ : abscess/ atrophy
CÖÏ : wish/ require/ necessarily/ essential
CÖÏÜNDÏ : speak/ manifest/ vociferate
CÖRÏ : sink
CÖRÜN : grill
CÖR : heart
CÖSÄ : against/ opposition
CÖSTÄË : destruction/ corruption/ damaging
CRÏ : cry
CTËNÖPHÖRÄ : ctenophore
CÜDÄTÄ : autolysis
CÜN : fear/ foolishness/ thrash
CÜNDÄ : cowardly/ sick/ unhealthy
CÜNDÄRÄ : abandon
CÜNDÄYÄ : negative energy/ exhausted/ tire
CÜNDÖ : protect/ hide/ lose
CÜNDÏ : drill/ groom/ feed/ treat
CÜNDÜ : negative/ not
CÜNDÜÏLÏ : absurd prison/ cloister
CÜNDÜLÏ : absurd/ idiocy/ stubidity/ winter
CÜNDÜRÏ : help/ paralyse/ quest
CÜNDÜRÜ : mental barrier
CÜNDÜTÜN : atrophy
CÜNTÄ : neglect/ sink
CÜNTÏ : illogical
CÜNTÜ : passion/ solution
CÜR : educate/ learn
CÜRÏ : cure
CÜTÄ : treat

DÄ : coma/ end/ switch off/ tear
DÄË : die/ dissipate/ eat/ last/ operate/ ugly/ destroy/ kill/ repugnant/ devour
DÄDÄ : example/ food/ thing
DÄDÄLÏÜN : dismember
DÄLÄ : exhaustion/ suffering/ torment
DÄLËÏTH : tears of fire
DÄLÏ : divide/ separate
DÄLÜN : black moon
DÄLÜNDÄTÏ : ancestral black moon
DÄRÏ : connection/ reconnetion/ recover/ together
DÄRKÄË : the Black tears/ black
DÄRKË : dark
DÄRÜN : rose
DÄTÄ : sometimes/ action of/ year/ time
DËÄ : trample on/ crush/ fall
DËMÖN : demon/ demonic
DHÜ : two/ each
DÏ : transforming/ unlearn/ abolish/ forgive
DÏË : die
DÏLÏ : skin/ tear/ fail/ fallen/ pariah/ disconnection
DÏLÏR : reject/ dirty/ push
DÏLÏË : excluded
DÏLÏVRÏÜN : rescue
DÏLÏSÏ : delicious
DÏMËNTÄ : dimension
DÏNSÄË : collect
DÏRÏ : implore
DÏRÏÜN : rebel/ rebellion
DÏSÄ : speak
DÏSPÄRÄT : disappear/ leave/ take/ away
DÏTÏ : present/ matter
DÏVÏR : welcome/ come/ return/ receive/ become
DÖLÖR : pain
DÖLÖRÄ : suffering/ tear
DÖRÏ : beauty/ gold/ sublime/ different/ sacred
DÜ : to/ of
DÜDÜ : cruelty
DÜLÄË : obstinacy/ sick soul
DÜLÏ : overcome/ tame
DÜLÏDÜ : explosive
DÜN : then/ also/ therefore/ or/ so
DÜNTÄ : abject/ arrogant/ bestiality
DÜNTÄË : ecology/ duality
DÜNTÖ : more/ any/ positive/ good
DÜRÏ : ice/ winter/ conditioning
DÜRÜN : coldness
DÜS : dust
DÜTÄLÜN : trap/ manipulation

ËDËN : paradise/ ecstasy/ happiness/ sky/ exaltation
ËÏ : where/ there/ to/ far/ until/ way
ËL : she/ wing
ËLËÏ : living/ prana/ breath of life
ËLÖ : think/ thought
ËLP : help
ËNDÄË : end/ finish
ËNTÖR : rule/ law/ universal law
ËÜRT : heart

FÄLÏNDÄR : wonderful/ luciferan
FÄLÏSÏ : wrong/ error
FÄLÜSÄ : malvolence
FÄLÜSÄTÜN : ignorance
FÄRÏÄ : brother
FÄRÜN : reincarnation/ jailed
FÄRÜNDÏ : flow/ spread/ sweat
FÏRË : burn/ fire/ flame/ calcinate/ light
FÏ : battle/ war
FÏT : transform
FÏNX : phoenix
FLÄMÄ : blaze
FÖ : hypocrisy/ wrong/ lie
FÖYÖRÏ : tasty
FRÜ : fruit
FÜ : dementia/ demon absurd/ mouvement/ madness/ foolish/ panic/ alienation/ unnecessary
FÜCH : majesty/ opposite/ open/ great/ huge
FÜDÄ : privacy
FÜN : small/ narrow/ fragile/ new/ dare/ few
FÜNDÄ : solid/ slowly/ amazing/ gold/ repulsive
FÜNDÄTÄ : wedding
FÜNDÄTÏ : extreme innocence
FÜNDËR : know
FÜNDÜLÏ : innocence
FÜNDÜRÜ : misplace/ detachment
FÜNTÄË : peaceful planet
FÜR : that/ for/ this/ house/ to/ it's/ has/ of/ it/ because/ against/ behind/ here is/ the/ address
FÜRÏ : fury/ anger/ predation/ hate
FÜRÏSÜN : solar flare/ solar matter/ strength
FÜRÜS : present
FÜRÜTÜ : folly

GRÄCË : grace
GÜNT : affect/ kill/ crucify/ sacrifice
GRÖD : Succulent/ delicious
GÜD : matrix/ creator/ deity/ god/ divine

HÄN : hand
HÄX : axis/ helm
HËLP : help
HÜN : a/ only/ strict/ beginning
HÜP : hope/ faith/ believe
HÜT : decay/ mold

Ï : in/ and/ everyone/ we/ because/ i/ on/ by/ inside
ÏLÄ : of/ so
ÏLË : walk/ go/ return/ act/ react
ÏLÏ : here below/ world/ under/ prison/ condemn/ hide/ prison/ calvary/ secret/ mystery/ lost/ manipulate/ conditioning/ transvestite/ arcane/ sibyllin/ find
ÏLÏS : creator/ create/ creativity
ÏN : inside/ in/ on/ through/ of/ cult
ÏNTÖ : in/ place
ÏLÜN : strong/ powerful
ÏLÜNDÏLÏ : issue
ÏRÏN : steel/ search/
ÏRÏS : rainbow
ÏRÏTÏ : contaminate/ irritate
ÏÜN : rock/ inside

JÜD : exit/ far
JÜL : cheek/ face/ form

KÄ : refuse/ side
KÄË : chaos/ confusion
KÄÖS : chaos
KÄLÜN : animal
KÄVÄRÏTË : severe
KHÏP : copy/ calk
KÏ : head/ king/ queen
KÏRÄN : protection
KÖN : fight
KÖM : like/ when/ since
KÖRÜM : real/ victory/ win
KÖNDÏSË : feel/ feeling
KÜNTRÖL : control
KÜNSTRÜK : build/ establish

LÄ : civilization/ here/ can/ base/ now/ henceforth/ reality
LÄË : soul/ life
LÄÏLÄ : interdimensional
LÄFÏ : innocent
LÄÏ : exclude
LÄÏRÄ : mission/ future/ tomorrow/ cunning
LÄNDÄ : beautiful/ new world/ paradise/ beautiful world/ star/ country/ heaven
LÄNDÄË : paradise lost
LÄNDÄTÏ : imperishable
LËÄ : snatch/ torn
LËFÜ : misplace
LËÏ : energy
LËÏSÄ : stardust
LËÏTH : fire
LËÏVÏ : celestial energy/ fire of sky
LÏ : lie/ ground/ belong/ ego/ our/ hypocrisy/ perfidious/ materialism
LÏBËRÄTË : liberation
LÏBËRTÄ : freedom/ free/ save
LÏBËRTÄË : liberate the earth
LÏBËRSÄË : free minds
LÏDÏ : forget
LÏLÄË : disorder/ disturb
LÏN : result
LÏNÏ : tree of life/ good/ valorous
LÏÜM : light/ angel/ God
LÏÜNDÄ : wall/ mental illusion
LÏÜN : bring/ lead
LÏVÏR : incarnate/ living
LÏR : feel
LÖ : lost/ wandering
LÖR : love
LÖRDÄ : sire
LÖV : love
LÜCÏ : Lucifer
LÜMÏNÄRË : light
LÜN : moon
LÜNDÄTÏ : monstrous negatives energies

MÄ : evil/ sadness/ bad/ malediction/ pay/ cost
MÄR : suffocate/ enough
MËÄ : cry
MËLÄNCÖLÏÜN : melancholy
MÏ : my/ me/ we/ our/ i/ the/ of/ a/ helm
MÏLÏ : strange
MÏMÄË : my love/ my companion
MÏND : conscience/ energy/ mind/ moral/ concept
MÖR : die
MÜD : wet
M'TÏ : belong

NÄMÏDÄ : cry
NÄMÏDÄË : last tear
NÄNDË : resistance
NÄ : way
NËDÜM : people
NÏ : or
NÖ : not/ any/ no/ never
NÖC : dark
NÖT : stop/ normal

Ö : Oh
ÖBÏ : leave/ flee/ allow/ escape
ÖL : all
ÖLÏ : awaken
ÖN : acitve/ of
ÖRDË : many/ often/ so such/ billions/ complex/ too
ÖRÏ : horrible

PÄRÏÖN : forgiveness/ repentance
PÄRÄDÄ : heaven
PLËZ : please
PÏ : then
PÖ : skin
PÜND : lay
PÜR : why

QRÖ : crown

RÄ : recharge/ address
RÄDÄTÏ : invincible
RÄN : must/ have to/ force/ on
RÄÏGN : reign
RËGRËT : regret
RËVËÜRT : revolt of the heart
RÏ : nothing/ empty/ recover/ eviscerate/ easy/ console/ dry/ peace
RÏÄDÄRÏ : disintegration/ fly away
RÏLÏN : rebirth/ reincarnation
RÏNDÜTÏ : collapse
RÏSÄ : don't care
RÏSÄË : empty
RÏDÄT : remove
RÏÜNDÄ : violent rage/ hate
RÏÜNDÄË : mortal/ perishable
RÏÜNDÄTÏ : absolute vacuum
RÏÜNDÏ : flamboyant root/ sky
RÏÜNTÄ : try
RÏVÏ : disgust/ revolt/ guide
RÜ : must/ become again/ become
RÜN : want/ desire/ deliberate/ war
RÜNDÄ : raise/ link sculpt/ progress
RÜNDÄË : calvary
RÜNDÏ : root
RÜNDÖ : cold
RÜNTÄË : artificial/ sanitize

S : question/ ?/ request/ call/ recall
SÄ : release/ which/ choose/ break issue
SÄË : spirit/ awareness/ intuition/ spiritual/ plant
SÄÏR : bleed
SÄLÏN : plant
SÄLÜR : heat
SÄN : blood/ body/ flesh/ material/ property/ chest/ physical
SÄNDÄTÄ : bleed much
SÄNDÄTÏ : bleed for a long time
SÄNDÜLÏ : best/ delivrance
SÄNSHÄË : material
SÄVÜR : take care
SÄTÄ : devil/ diabolical/ evil/ balefull/ shadow
SÄNTÄ : dispossess/ manipulation
SCÜR : rampart/ sculpture
SË : material/ matrix/ piece
SËÄ : sea
SÖ : become/ beyond/ future
SÖLÏTÏÜD : solitude
SÖLÏTÏÜDÏ : disunity
SÖLÜ : despite/ after
SÖRÏ : sorry
SÖRÏÄ : warrior/ soldier
SÖRÖ : despair
SÖRVÏ : slave
SÏ : here/ but/ accessible/ if
SÏLÄNCÏÄ : silence
SÜ : fight/ evolution/ armed conflict
SÜDJÏ : peace
SÜDJÜTÏ : infernal/ torment/ chaos
SÜDÜRÜ : bruise
SÜLÏ : only/ brighter darkness
SÜLÏTÏÜD : solitude
SÜN : sun/ calm/ overcome
SÜNDÄË : eternal sun
SÜNDÄLÏ : dying sun/ black
SÜNDÄTÏ : day/ perpetual day
SÜNDÜ : warm/ burning/ corrosive/ hot
SÜTCH : eat/ swallow/ experience/ consume/ scald/ gnaw/ test
SÜTCHÄË : pain/ forgive

TÄ : my/ our/ of/ your
TÄÏLÏ : asphyxiate
TÄLÏ : virus
TÄË : earth/ star/ merge/ mud/ swamp/ clay
TÄLÜRÏN : everyone/ every
TÄNK : thank
TÄRÄ : calcined earth
TÄRÏN : harmony/ happy/ calm/ equilibrium/ in mid
TÄRÜN : nature/ personality
TÄRVÏ : exchange/ return
TÄYÄ : with all his might
TCHÏ : exasperate/ despair
TCHÜC : knock
TË : negative energies
TËK : technology/ science
TËRÄ : despicable humain earthling
TËRËÄ : earthlings
TËRÏ : hybrid illuminati
TÏ : above/ high/ its/ height/ right/ exceed/ overlap
TÏÜDÏ : prevent/ forbid
TÖ : cruelty
TÖR : union
TÖRÏ : exploit/ streamed
TÖVÏ : intelligence
TRÄG : tragedy
TRÏ : tree
TSHË : nightmare/ dream
TÜ : succumb/ disease/ kill/ mistreat/ malevolence/ fall
TÜN : savagery/ brutalize/ blow/ fight
TÜNDÜ : link/ connection/ fidelity
TÜNDÜLÏ : weaken
TÜNDÜRÏ : storm
TÜNDÜRÜ : darken
TÜR : sweet/ tender/ drama
TÜRÏ : sad/ unfortunately
TÜRÜ : charm
TÜRÜN : torrent/ river
TÜTCH : ego/ indifference
TÜVÏ : awake

Ü : all/ matter/ advance/ other/ him/ you/ our/ we/ under/ he
ÜCÖ : ghost/ echo/ in
ÜDÄ : fault/ mask/ lie
ÜDÏ : chain
ÜLD : old/ ancient
ÜLÏ : guts/ deeply/ inside/ abomination/ plant/ extreme/ curse
ÜLÖ : mirror
ÜMTÏ : empty/ devoid
ÜN : the/ without/ this is/ actually/ being/ crush
ÜNDÄ : unlivable/ hell/ infernal/ perverse/ inhuman/ trample on/ mask/ negation
ÜNDÄË : long/ eternal/ colossal/ exhausted/ immortal
ÜNDÄËTÜN : disharmony
ÜNDÄRÄ : however/ test/ testing
ÜNDÄRÏ : affranchise/ disconnection
ÜNDÄTÄ : correct/ repair/ arrange/ treat/ patch
ÜNDÄTÏ : infinity/ forever/ big/ eternal/ long/ constant
ÜNDË : pardon/ disgrace
ÜDËN : celestia
ÜNDÏ : background/ past/ from/ before/ burn/ suffer/ deep/ vast/ sorrow/ torture/ sensitive
ÜNDÖ : renaissance/ cycle
ÜNDÖLÖRÄ : insensitive
ÜNDÖRÏ : amorphous
ÜNDÜ : reason/ source/ essential/ origin
ÜNDÜLÏ : understand/ force/ bravery/ condemn/ feel/ patience/ compassion/ admit/ relearn/ invention
ÜNDÜLÏÄ : danser
ÜNDÜLÏÄ : dance
ÜNDÜLÏS : imaginer
ÜNDÜLÏS : imagine
ÜNDÜRÏ : naturally/ single/ impossible/ ancestral
ÜNDÜRÜ : easy
ÜNDÜTÄYÄ : revolt
ÜNFÜ : wonderful/ defend
ÜNFÜRÏ : redemption
ÜNKÜNTRÖL : uncontrollable
ÜNLÏVÏR : dying
ÜNPÄÏON : unsustainable
ÜNSÄË : insensitive
ÜNSÏ : cosiness/ savor
ÜNTÄ : hell/ fall/ darkness/ despair/ incarnate/ chasm/ without/ annoying
ÜNTÄË : nothingness/ landless/ winter/ hole
ÜNTÄÏ : lacerate/ notch/ scar/ hurt/ wrinkle
ÜNTÖ : all/ every/ me
ÜNTÏ : hell/ abyss/ inside/ darkness/ depth/ torment/ disturbing/ atom
ÜR : be/ we/ of the/ your/ that/ you/ the
ÜRÄ : take/ have/ attract/ tragic/ source/ suck/ vampire/ possess
ÜRDÄ : consequence/ sequel
ÜRË : obviously
ÜRÏ : spirit of life/ nature/ world/ confidence/ universe/ planet/ live/ cosmos
ÜRTÄ : brutalize/ impossible
ÜRTÏ : violent
ÜSÜ : self/ ego/ selfish/ his/ curl up
ÜT : clean/ purify
ÜTÄ : creature/ life/ exist/ crawl/ living beings
ÜTÏ : thee/ struggle
ÜVÏ : goal/ grow/ promise

VÄ : yes/ accept
VÄRÏ : reaction
VÄRÏNSÄN : see/ look/ turn
VÄÏÜLÄNTÄ : violent
VËN : vein
VÖÏ : voice/ cursed
VÖÏCÏS : this is
VÏ : paradoxical/ reverse/ duality
VÏRÏ : life/ live/ survive/ exist/ existence/ story
VÏSÄTÏÜ : destroy
VÏTÏ : living/ life
VÜ : do/ redo/ again/ keep
VÜLC : volcano
VÜN : truth
VÜNTÏ : complain/ despair
VÜRÏ : virtue/ virtuous/ real/ truth
VÜRTÏ : here/ glimpse/ admit

WÜRM : worm
WÜK : as/ full

XPLÖ : explosion/ spread

YÄ : shout/ scream
YÄG : yang
YÏN : yin
YÜM/ YÜ' : we/ other/ mankind/ man
YÜM YÜM : eat/ yum yum/ oppress
YÜMÄ : beautiful humanity/ original consciousness
YÜMDÄ : other Mankind/ other human race/ changing human
YÜMDÜRT : humain who pollute/ infamous
YÜMTÄ : innocent human


released March 15, 2015



Öxxö Xööx Dieppe, France

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